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Carnival report

Our New Year carnival took place on January 7, 8, and 9.
Participants were asked to collect our masks and come up with a costume to match it.
As many as 800 children from ages 2 - 14 took part in our carnival celebration.

There were three competitions for the children to participate; costume, singing and drawing. Those that joined the costume competition came in wearing colorful and decorative animal costumes of rabbits, lions, chickens, dogs and cats. Some came in as snowmen, New Year trees and Petrushkas.

Young singers gave their best in belting out the New Year and Christmas songs.
There were also young artists that participated in the drawing contest and every one of them was asked to draw their favorite BlinDonalt's food or Petrushka.

All works of arts are currently being displayed in our restaurants.
Father Frost and Snow Girl hosted the event and clowns were also there to help entertain the guests.
Winners were rewarded prizes from giant stuff toys to cars, dolls and Karaoke microphones.
During the interval between contests, the clowns interacted with the kids and gave everyone free ice cream to the delight of the children and adults alike!

We hope you enjoy our photo gallery and hope that you'll join us again on our future activities.

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