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Yaroslavsky 45 The newest addition to our BlinDonalt's family was opened last November 7, 2004 at Yaroslavsky 45, near the metro station Udelnaya. The opening of our restaurant started with a festival of activities for the residents of Vyborgsky. The festivities begun with speeches from the local administration representative and our own representative from the Industrialny 22 restaurant.

A stage in front of our restaurant was set-up where folklore music bands, dancers and singers provided entertainment to the crowd. In one section, children were jumping up and down on the trampoline and were kept amused by the clowns who also gave away balloons, games, trinkets and children's meal to everyone.

On our banquet table, traditional tasty Russian specials were served.

To end the festivity, the audience were treated to a spectacular display of fireworks.
Everyone was seen smiling, having a lot of fun and very happy as they watched the entire proceeding.

"Without offending neither German nor French cuisine, I consider Russian food to be healthier and more useful at any respect. Our cuisine reflects our habits, our century experience; our traditions imparted from generation to generation and are justified by our climate and the way of life..."


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