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BlinDonalt's restaurants is a project of the Concord company, known to be the leader in the restaurant business in St.Petersburg. Because of BlinDonalt's rapid growth and popularity, Concord company is aggressively planning expansion and construction of more than 30 restaurants in St. Petersburg and its suburbs. Our restaurants are situated in the residential areas of St. Petersburg, and are designed to cater to people with average and below average income. An average check for the whole family costs as low as 78 rubles! Affordable prices and proximity explains the booming popularity of BlinDonalt's. Moreover, our restaurants are designed to accommodate daily visits of 3,000 - 5,000 customers. We are proud to offer a wide selection of traditional Russian foods on our menu. We highly recommend our meat and salmon jelly, stuffed cabbage, kievsky cutlet and so much more. Our restaurants have special sections which consists of the main dining area, a beer hall and a children's section. In the children's section, we offer merry-go-round, cartoon showings, and other attractions for the children to enjoy absolutely free of charge.


We have recently launched our new and exciting children's toys. They come free with a purchase of our Children's meals. We offer seven (7) varieties of animal stuff toys and cars to choose from and collect. Kids may collect all seven toys and take part of our future circus performance or get a chance to win a remote controlled-powered toy car.


Our New Year carnival took place on January 7, 8, and 9. Participants were asked to collect our masks and come up with a costume to match it. Read a report

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Our recent BlinDonalt's restaurant was opened on November 7, 2004 at Yaroslavsky 45, near the metro station Udelnaya. More...

Celebrate your Birthday in BlinDonalt's and get a book as a present! Celebrate your Birthday in BlinDonalt's and get a book as a present!

"Without offending neither German nor French cuisine, I consider Russian food to be healthier and more useful at any respect. Our cuisine reflects our habits, our century experience; our traditions imparted from generation to generation and are justified by our climate and the way of life..."


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